Chain of support services

The Support Services Ecosystems

Customer Support service chain management: is the process of managing and facilitating the interconnecting customer service activities flow, through a supply chain collaborative process. The process can flow through the chain of Service provider-service media-service buyers again same process has a viz-a-viz process such- service buyer- media- service provider. media is always refer to support systems, such a support raise through an email, a phone call, a messanger message or through a support ticketing system.

An ecosystem process can be a such example of a vertical -horizontal flow of water stream, this can flow from up to down, back to front. Provider – to customer, customer to provider, sometimes it can be delivered from a third party provider, from a dropship, from a manufacturer through proper supply chain management process, adherering the process of service flow.

Support Service Supply Chain-

The proper support service flow create the customer satisfaction and business sustainability.

How Support service ecosystems work-

Better understanding the support service ecosystem:

Creating demand
Ensuring supply
Influence- The people into the service flow
Audience/Customers- Recognising the actual customer/audience to buy a service
Demographic facts- Recognising the actual target market segement- Age, Gender, culture, community
Place- Where they meet and from where customers come
Price- Creating demand for the proper cost of a service

Customer demands

Supplier product/service offering

Strategic partners

Conusmers demands

Ways of reaching for a support service:

There are many ways a customer can easily reach for a support service

web messanger
Contact page
Support ticket raising
Social media

support services

You can choose either any ofthe contact media
Call: 019768-30242


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